What our clients are saying about us

Real people, real reviews. Our clients invest in their personal goals with the guidance of our Ft. Collins Matchmakers. Three decades of proven success shown by our verified BBB rating and Google reviews.

“ Participating with IJL has been a pleasant experience. The rep (Logan) comes across as friendly, bright, and (importantly) efficient. High rating. ”

— Jim C.   (bbb.org)
April 2024
“ I was working with four wonderful women that made my experience a wonderful time while trying to see if I could maybe find Mrs right after my wife’s death. Ashley was a wonderful person that made the enrollment a great experience. She made me laugh and was a great friend. The team of Kaylee, Amanda and Logan were a real joy to talk to. Would highly recommend if you are serious about find that special one. If you want a team that works for y I would highly recommend these people. ”

— Gary M.   (google.com)
January 2024
“ Overall it’s been a quality experience. Paige has been very responsive and really has a feel for the type of person I am and the type of person I am looking to connect with. I would definitely recommend “It’s just lunch” ”

— Brian E   (google.com)
November 2023
“ A very professional service, and I have met many quality people. This is definitely the way to go on meeting serious quality people, and saving a huge amount of time, the dating apps take way to much time to meet quality people and make quality connections! ”

— Helen H.   (google.com)
October 2023
“ I have found everyone to be very professional and a pleasure to work with. Certainly a better dating experience than any of the on-line dating apps I've used in the past. ”

— Vicki D.   (bbb.org)
July 2023
“ They offer one of a kind experiences, and the team members are truly supportive and uplifting! ”

— Curtis D   (google.com)
April 2023
“ I have felt that the IJL team truly listens to who I may be looking for and they want to know what the most important traits may be for me in a man. They are timely in checking in to see how the dates have gone with an emphasis on what might make future dates closer to what I am seeking. It is a comfortable process and I have enjoyed all of the ladies I have worked with thus far. I would highly recommend IJL to others. ”

— Jillian A   (google.com)
February 2023
“ IJL has been very professional and is a service I would recommend if you're too busy or don't have a large social circle to meet potential people to date. ”

— Sean F   (bbb.org)
February 2023
“ I'm new to IJL, but so far it's been a great experience. The staff is very outgoing, communicative and listens to what you're looking for in a partner. I've been with them less than a month and have a third date coming up. Although I haven't found the one the women I've been meeting have been quality people and I'm excited to continue working with IJL and meeting more people. ”

— Christopher B   (google.com)
November 2022
“ IJL has been a great investment in myself. They send me on more dates per month than I could possibly arrange for myself via dating apps. They filter through all the chaff, and I know they're setting me up with someone I have something in common with. I feel completely safe on the dates because of the wonderful restaurants they've contracted, and I know the guys are out for a good time like me. I love the fact that we're all looking for a relationship, so I go into a date knowing that the guy and I have the same goal. Afterward, I get to discuss the date with one of the matchmakers, so it's like I have a knowledgeable girlfriend to chat with and help me figure out where to go from there. I talk with my Dating Coach once a month, and she helps me improve myself and my dating habits with detailed feedback, suggestions, and homework. IJL is a full team of matchmakers setting me up with really nice guys in hopes that I find a mate! They're my advocates and advisors in love, and it's fabulous to have all of that support! ”

— Sesia Q.   (google.com)
November 2022
“ I’ve been on other dating apps and decided to ditch them. I love the personal attention from IJL. I’m very pleased with my team. They seem to have my best interests in mind. ”

— Allison T.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ Working with IJL has been a great experience. My matchmaker **** has done a good job of listening to my preferences and deal breakers. Having reservations made for me has taken the pressure off of dating and that I appreciate. ”

— Aleisha M  
October 2022
“ Very professional and comfortable experience - the results have been wonderful. ”

— Chris K.   (bbb.org)
October 2022
“ It's Just Lunch is absolutely amazing on matching up. They take the time to prepare you for the next date and pick out the best locations. They are very good with communicating while providing excellent customer service. I would highly recommend their service to my peers, family, and friends. ”

— Brandon M.   (bbb.org)
September 2022
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